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Montreal's Lantern Festival Will Be Back To Illuminate The Botanical Garden Next Month

The dates for this year's 'Gardens of Light' have been announced!

Montreal's 2021 Lantern Festival Will Light Up The Botanical Garden

The breathtaking lantern festival at Montreal's Botanical Garden announced that it's coming back with "a brand new journey" in 2021. Gardens of Light, aka Jardins de lumière, is set to take place from September 3 to October 31 and tickets are already on sale.

During this annual event, sections of the garden come to life with dazzling, colourful installations that turn the complex into an enchanting display of light.

According to Space For Life, you can expect the Japanese Garden, First Nations Garden and Chinese Garden to take you on "immersive and sensory experiences [that] combine art, science, technology and emotion."

The Japanese Garden "transforms into a vast canvas on which autumn falls," it says.

Then, it says, you'll be greeted by "magic" in the First Nations Garden as you go on a "poetic journey into the heart of the seasons of life, together with the spirits of the river, fire, forest and wind."

Finally, the Chinese Garden will be lit with hundreds of lanterns, which "whisper the legend of Pangu, the giant who created the world," it says.

Gardens Of Light 2021

Price: $16.50 for adult Quebec residents

When: September 3 to October 31, 2021

Address: Montreal Botanical Garden — 4101, rue Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Make your fall even more magical as you wander through illuminated gardens adorned with hundreds of lanterns.


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