Montrealers Are Finally Feeling Optimistic About Pretty Much Everything & It Feels So Good

Saint-Jean-Baptiste + Habs game + full moon = hilarious tweets from Montrealers.
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Montreal Canadiens Game On Saint-Jean Has Montrealers Feeling Optimistic

Do you feel it? The way the positivity clings to the air? It's real and it's happening, Montreal, because a lot of us are finally feeling optimistic about pretty much everything that's going on in the city and it honestly feels so great. 

While much of the positivity is because of the Montreal Canadiens' magical playoff run, don't forget that there's Saint-Jean, the upcoming relaxing of health measures, the return of (tiny) house parties, and everyone's hot vax summer — plus there's a full moon on June 24.

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Even though they are going to lose, even the Vegas Golden Knights are feeling the Montreal magic.

Montrealers are fully bought in, manifesting the win and the Stanley Cup final.

The Habs are also as confident as the fans about Thursday night's game it seems.

We're not saying that it's destiny but it sure feels like it.

Bonne Saint-Jean!

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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