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Montreal Has A Chic New Peruvian-Japanese Tapas Spot Right Near Parc Laurier

Dinner and a stroll through the park anyone? 😍

Tuna and salmon dish from NIKKEI MTL, Right: Interior of Montreal restaurant, NIKKEI MTL.

Tuna and salmon dish from NIKKEI MTL, Right: Interior of Montreal restaurant, NIKKEI MTL.

Courtesy of NIKKEI MTL, Courtesy of NIKKEI MTL

Just when you thought Montreal's culinary scene couldn't get any better, NIKKEI MTL has arrived to bring a sleek, chic restaurant and bar to the Plateau from the team that brought the city Barranco just last year.

Courtesy of NIKKEI MTL

Named after Nikkei cuisine, Nikkei's menu offers a fusion of both Peruvian Japanese cuisine, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two in both a tasty and beautiful way.

Executive chefs and partners Daniel Silva and Michelangelo Miceli have developed a shareable tapas menu including specialties from Peruvian cuisine with Japanese touches and techniques, such as ceviche de bonito served with ponzu sauce, filet mignon tataki with togarashi seasoning, Tiradito, a classic Peruvian dish, and tuna tartar al aji amarillo.

A curated drinks menu from Jonathan Martinez and Fidel Vasquez includes the ever-popular pisco sour, natural wines and sake, so it's safe to say you won't go thirsty.

"Nikkei has been on our minds for a while now," Vasquez stated.

"It's a very rich and vast fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cultures. Because we are Peruvian, we wanted to bring Peruvian food and cocktails in all of its forms and fusions to Montreal."

The space is dark and mysterious to keep you curious with just the perfect amount of warmth to keep you coming back. Sophisticated and charming, the space offers a unique insight into the elegance of both cultures.

As for what Vasquez recommends, "We have amazing nikkei tiradito with salmon sashimi, roasted ginger and ahi Amarillo lèche de Tigre, Japanese salsa, grilled shishito and seaweed."

He also suggests "the nigiri des res, sushi-style rice, togarashi crusted beef tataki, chalaquita, rayu mayo and nikkei soya sauce."

"And to finish, I would go with the ribu Arequipeno, sous-vide cooked pork ribs in an adobo Arequipeno sauce, sake, grilled shishito and Japanese salsa."

Bon appétit!


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Peruvian and Japanese

Address: 1577, ave. Laurier E, Montreal, QC

When: Wednesday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Why You Need To Go: This new Plateau spot offers up a Peruvian-Japanese tapas fusion created by chefs and partners, Daniel Silva and Michelangelo Miceli in a chic and contemporary atmosphere.


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