Montreal Is Officially Better Than Toronto, According To A New Time Out Ranking

Time Out ranked Montreal the ninth best city in the world.

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Montreal skyline at dusk.

Montreal skyline at dusk.

A new Time Out ranking has named Montreal the ninth-best city in the entire world. Beaten by two Scottish cities and slightly edged out by Berlin at number eight, Montreal's respectable standing tops all other Canadian cities. Toronto sneaks in at number 27, posing no threat at all to the 514.

Last year, Time Out ranked Montreal sixth, three spots higher than this year's verdict.

What makes Montreal so awesome? According to Laura Osborne with Time Out Canada, it has something to do with the "awe-inspiring architecture," locals' friendliness, and the wide range of food and drink options around the city.

Not to mention all the summer events, of course (one can't help but wonder how Montreal would rank if it were stuck in the purgatory that is the dreary lull between winter festivals).

According to Time Out, of the locals surveyed, 93 percent noted the stellar dining options. 80 percent appreciated the easy access to green spaces, and 82 percent shared their love of the city's art and museums. Montreal's nightlife also made the list of pros, with a lively, bustling scene even in the midst of a pandemic.

The cities topping the chart this year include Amsterdam, ranked at number five for its progressive reputation and plenty of options for socializing. It's beaten by Glasgow, appreciated for its kind people and low price tags. Colombia's Medellín is next at number three in part for its unparalleled good weather, and the coveted number two spot goes to the only American city in the top 10: Chicago.

And, finally, the best city in the world according to Time Out is none other than the capital of Scotland: Edinburgh. Beautiful and artistic with festivals and food galore, Edinburgh is special in ways Montrealers might recognize. Maybe winning just takes a little Scottish influence, after all.

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