20 Of Montreal's Coolest Terrasses For A Hot Summer Day

Nothing beats a cool drink in the great (inner-city) outdoors!

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The Riverside pop-up terrace space. Right: Bar Palco's outdoor space.

The Riverside pop-up terrace space. Right: Bar Palco's outdoor space.

There are few pleasures as great as sitting on a Montreal terrace in the sun with fancy cocktails in hand and several friends around you as the St Lawrence River sparkles below. Whether you spell it terrasse or terrace, it's finally the season to begin enjoying this sacred ritual of outdoor relaxation. There are plenty of top-tier rooftop and ground-floor terraces to choose from, in areas from Old Montreal to Saint-Henri to right in the heart of downtown Montreal.

In fact, we have 20 right here! Many terrasses are already open as the weather has heated up, and restaurants across the city are adding outdoor space to their offerings. Whether you're more of a William Gray Hotel or a Riverside person, you're sure to find something to your liking in Montreal this summer.


Where: 5020, rue Saint-Ambroise

Why you should go: This ubiquitous summer-time (and winter-time) favourite opened for the season on May 5 with a brand-new Central American theme!

Visit Riverside's website here


Where: 690, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why you should go: Farsides' terrasse opened at the end of May. The restaurant describes the "newly renovated" space as an "island garden oasis."

Visit the Farsides website here

Bar Palco

Where: 4019, rue Wellington

Why you should go: Patrons at the cozy terrasse at Bar Palco can enjoy coffee or drinks into the evening. It opened in April.

To make a reservation at Bar Palco, click here

Café Santropol

Where: 3990, rue Saint-Urbain

Why you should go: A staple of the Plateau, Café Santropol's garden terrasse space opens with the warm weather, and you can sample their famous sandwiches au frais (as the Lord intended).

Visit Santropol's website here

Pub le Sainte-Élisabeth

Where: 1412, rue Sainte-Élisabeth

Why you should go: For beer and cocktails in a vine-covered outdoor space, le Sainte-Élisabeth's terrasse space is a great option. It opens early in the season: on April 11 this year.

Visit le Sainte-Élisabeth's Facebook page here


Where: 985, boulevard Saint-Laurent, sixth floor

Why you should go: Who would have thought that this chic terrasse sits atop the Hampton Inn on Saint-Laurent? Get to the sixth floor and enjoy the beautiful sunset views.

Terrasse Carla website

Restaurant Grinder

Where: 1708, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why you should go: This Griffintown spot is open seven days a week, with outdoor space as well as a cozy interior.

Make your reservation at the Grinder's website

Terrasse Saint-Ambroise

Where: 5080, rue Saint-Ambroise

Why you should go: A canal-side favourite, this terrasse unfolds under the shadow of the towering abandoned Canada Malting plant with its now-famous (and mysterious) pink cabin. The terrasse opened in early May.

Visit the Saint-Ambroise website here

Terrasse Perché

Where: 153, rue Saint-Amable, fourth floor

Why you should go: Perché's terrasse, with its views of Old Montreal, opened on May 5.

Make your reservations at Perché's website


Where: 403, rue Ontario E.

Why you should go: The Abreuvoir terrasse is open nearly year-round, with the warm season starting in March and opening hours stretching into the early morning.

Visit Abreuvoir's website here

Jardin Nelson

Where: 407, Place Jacques-Cartier

Why you should go: This stunning outdoor space opened for the season in April.

Visit Jardin Nelson's website here

Les Enfants Terribles

Where: 1257, avenue Bernard

Why you should go: This spot is open seven days a week until 10 p.m.

Make your Enfants Terribles reservation online

Terrasse sur L'Auberge

Where: Fifth floor of the Auberge du Vieux-Port, 97, rue de la Commune E.

Why you should go: Open since May 5, this terrasse offers a beautiful view from the rooftop of the Auberge du Vieux-Port.

Visit the Auberge's website here

Aux Quartiers Belle Gueule

Biergarten Belle Gueule.Biergarten Belle Gueule.Courtesy of Biergarten Belle Gueule

Where: 5579, avenue Christophe-Colomb

Why you should go: A Millennial favourite, this terrasse in the heart of the Plateau offers plenty of beer. Note: It has not yet publicly indicated a 2023 opening date.

Check out Belle Gueule's menu online

Terrasse William Gray

Where: 421, rue Saint Vincent

Why you should go: This renowned spot atop another Old Montreal hotel is open every day: until 10 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and until 11 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Make your Terrasse William Gray reservations here

Café Il Cortile

Where: 1442, rue Sherbrooke O.

Why you should go: An Italian gem, Café Il Cortile's terrasse is tucked into a little pocket of downtown Montreal.

Check out Café Il Cortile's menu here

Bar Plan B

Where: 327, avenue Mont-Royal E.

Why you should go: Despite the name, this bar is no second choice! Note: It has not indicated a 2023 opening date for its terrasse.

Make your Bar Plan B reservations online here


Where: 2233, rue Pitt

Why you should go: The terrasse at Messorem is open pretty much all year, with beer options galore and space for all of your hoppy friends.

Visit the Messorem website here

Bar George

Where: 1440, rue Drummond

Why you should go: For an upscale, royal vibe, Bar George is certainly a good option. Note: It has not indicated a 2023 terrasse opening date.

Visit the Bar George website here

Benelux Verdun

Where: 4026, rue Wellington

Why you should go: The courtyard terrasse at Benelux's Verdun location has plenty of beer and cocktail options and space for large groups.

Visit the Brasserie Benelux website here

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