Montreal Weather Is Expected To Hit 14 C One Day This Week

Bring on the sunshine. 🌞

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Montreal's Botanical Garden during spring.

Montreal's Botanical Garden during spring.

Spring weather is finally on its way to our city — at least, according to The Weather Network's Montreal weather forecast for the upcoming week.

For those who like to plan their days based on what the weather's going to be like, Monday to Wednesday this week are supposed to be mainly sunny with daily highs over 10 degrees, so they're definitely the days to plan your outdoor activities.

Wednesday, April 6 is predicted to hit up to 14 degrees, so it sounds like we can officially say hello to spring!

But of course, Montreal weather will be doing what Montreal weather does best and will be a little all over the place.

While the beginning of the week is expected to have spring-jacket-type weather, we're going to get hit with rain on Thursday. Make sure to have your rain boots ready for the 20 to 25 millimetres of precipitation expected that day.

The rain is predicted to bleed into Friday also, so we can anticipate all kinds of puddles in our near future.

It'll start looking up again afterward though, and the following week is setting up to be all kinds of beautiful, with sunny days with temperatures between 13 and 17 degrees expected from April 11 to 15. Plus, it'll be mainly sunny with barely any rain that week!

As for the rest of April, the Farmer's Almanac stated that we should look forward to nice days with dry weather on Easter Sunday and Monday.

Plus, more sunny days between April 24 to 27. But the end of the month is expected to be full of unstable weather — nothing we Montrealers can't handle, though.

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Alanna Moore
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