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The Quebec Weather Forecast For Spring Has Changed & It'll Make Winter Haters Really Happy

You can likely ditch your jacket sooner than expected! ☀️

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Pedestrians in Old Montreal.

Pedestrians in Old Montreal.

Getting tired of winter clothes, snow and freezing temperatures? You'll be happy to know that MétéoMédia's Quebec weather forecast for spring was updated on Saturday. Not only does this mean mild weather is likely just around the corner, but it also means it should stick around for the long haul sooner than expected.

MétéoMédia had originally predicted a cool Quebec spring in 2022 due to an atmospheric current that would bring "Arctic air descents" into the province. However, the weather agency says the Alaskan ridge has "receded," bringing the cold further west. As a result, it says the jet stream can allow more mild air to move up from the south into Quebec.

"The change in the trajectory of the high altitude winds will allow the heat to flow back towards Quebec," writes MétéoMédia's Francis Brière.

Much of the Eastern Townships, Montérégie and southern Ontario could see above-seasonal temperatures this spring. The first sustained 10-degree steaks are expected on April 12 in Greater Montreal, April 19 near Quebec City, April 27 in the Val-d'Or region, May 1 in the Gaspé area and May 14 around Sept-Îles.

The first lasting 20-degree temperatures are expected around May 20 in Montreal, May 28 in Quebec City, June 5 in Val-d'Or, June 12 in Gaspé and July 7 in Sept-Îles.

Moreover, according to the 14-day forecast, the month of April should start out fairly sunny in Montreal with daytime highs upward of six degrees.

Keep in mind there are still some other factors at play. According to MétéoMédia, the polar vortex needs to weaken and retreat northwards during the spring — and whether or not this happens quickly "remains to be seen." Also, the "Bermuda high," which apparently leads to mild air from the southern United States as it approaches the American coast, must come forward.

"We're betting a lot on the presence of this high pressure and its expansion towards the south-eastern United States," says MétéoMédia meteorologist Réjean Ouimet. "This is the key to a warm spring."

Still, MétéoMédia seems to think the chances of it feeling like spring soon are pretty good, and we'll take any hope we can get.

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