Montreal's Inaugural Ramen Ramen Fest Will Showcase These 18 Dishes — Get Ready To Slurp

The festival runs from October 11 to 16.

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Ramen from Bar Grenade in Montreal, Quebec, Right: Ramen from La Betise in Montreal, Quebec.

Ramen from Bar Grenade in Montreal, Quebec, Right: Ramen from La Betise in Montreal, Quebec.

Ramen Ramen is Montreal's first-ever ramen food festival taking place in a few days and a total of 184 restaurants are participating. Ramen Ramen is set to start on October 11 when hungry festivalgoers will be able to slurp their way through Montreal with each resto introducing a featured ramen dish.

The public can then cast their votes for their fave ramen dish on the Ramen Ramen Facebook page. The restaurant that receives the most likes will take home the People's Choice Award.

Ramen lovers can purchase their Ramen Ramen festival passport for $5 at any participating restaurant. The passport earns you a 10% discount on each featured ramen dish.

Here's every featured dish you'll be able to try at Ramen Ramen 2022:

Bar MajesThé

Dish: Yuzu Pepper Shio Ramen made with peppered chicken broth flavoured with yuzu, Hidaka konbu and katsuobushi for depth of flavour, and sea salt seasoning to enhance the umami taste of the broth. Served with homemade chasiu pork, sous-vide chicken breast and ajitsuke tamago.

Address: 2077, boul. Robert-Bourassa, Montreal, QC



Dish: Shoyū Ramen made with chicken broth, salt base, pork shashu, chop suey, sofrito, and poutine cheese.

Address: 1433, rue City Councillors, Montreal, QC


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Boswell Brasserie

Dish: Ramen Boswell made with creamy chicken broth (tori paitan), chasu, tokyo style noodles, shoyu tare, tamago. Boswell also shared a photo of them preparing their ramen broth — so they're ready to go.

Address: 2407, ave. Mont-Royal, E., Montreal, QC



Dish: Duck Ramen made with tonkotsu broth, shitake mushroom, bok choy, bean sprouts and soft boiled egg.

Address: 1603, rue Ontario E., Montreal, QC


Hanzō Izakaya

Dish: Hanzō Ramen made up of miso, chicken stock, pork tourtiere, ajitama egg, spinach, menma, and naruto.

Address: 417, rue Saint-Nicolas, Montreal, QC


Hono Ramen

Dish: Kamo wonton ramen made with roasted duck broth, shio tare, parsnip oil, wonton with duck confit and mushrooms, duck breast, chanterelles, parsnip crumble.

Address: 680, rue Saint-Joseph E.



Dish: Tonkotsu Shoyu Baka Ramen!

Address: 4006, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC


Kinton Ramen

Dish: Original Beef Ramen made with thick noodles in an original beef broth with a hint of Angus beef brisket, seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, Judas ear mushrooms and green onion.


  • Kinton Ramen Carrefour Laval — 2575, boul. Daniel-Johnson, Laval, QC
  • Kinton Ramen Côte-des-Neigs — 5216, ch. Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC
  • Kinton Ramen Union — 1202, ave. Union, Montreal, QC


La Belle Tonki

Dish: Cheesy ramen made with spicy cheddar, ramen noodles, cheese curds, cheddar, fishcake, herbs.

Address: 1335, rue Baubien E.


La Bêtise

Dish: Flying Ramen served with shrimp bisque and miso, shrimp tempura, grilled octopus, corn, enoki, nori, naruto, pickled egg and green onion.


  • 6015, rue Saint-Hubert
  • 3807, rue Wellington


La Cale Pub Zéro Déchet

Dish: Ramen Toé will be available in 3 variations, either vegan, vegetarian or with pork. The ramen is made with a vegetable broth seasoned with homemade miso. The wheat noodles are also rolled by hand. The ramen will be garnished with pickled vegetables and egg, fried mushrooms, shizo shoots, seaweed and a special topping for each version.

Address: 6839, rue Saint-Hubert


NeoTokyo Ramen

Dish: Shio Ramen.

Address: 425 rue Viger O.


Ramen Isshin

Dish: Red Miso Ramen mad with ishhin red miso mix, wok fried pork, onions, bean sprouts, carrots, kikurage mushroom, cha shu pork belly with thick twisted noodles.

Address: 1217, ave. du Mont-Royal E.


Ramen Nakamichi

Dish: Traditional Shoyu ramen made from scratch.

Address: 5329, boul. Saint-Laurent


Restaurant de l'ITHQ

Dish: Raman-toi ici made with crispy pork ramen soup, black garlic, soy and maple marinated soft egg, baby vegetables.

Address: 3535, rue Saint-Denis


Sansotei Ramen

Dish: Tonkotsu Black Ramen made with creamy tonkotsu broth topped with brisket, sliced tender pork, seasoned black mushrooms, runny soft egg, green onion and black garlic oil.


  • 1201, ave. Mont-Royal E.
  • 370, rue Ste-Catherine O.


Tsukuyomi Ramen

Dish: Chashu Tonkotsu ramen is the house specialty made up of a bowl of ramen that contains a creamy homemade broth topped with a piece of chashu, green onions, black mushrooms, half an egg and nori.


  • 1242, rue Bishop
  • 5207, boul. Saint-Laurent


Umami Ramen & Izakaya

Dish: Spicy Tantanmen, which is Umami's version of their own Tantanmen, but this one is a little spicier than the classic.

Address: 6660, rue Clark


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