Legault Hinted That More COVID-19 Red-Zone Measures Could Be Lifted In The Coming Weeks

He said it all depends on March break and the variant strain situation in Quebec.
Legault Hinted That More COVID-19 Red-Zone Measures Could Be Lifted In The Coming Weeks

Premier François Legault hinted at a possible reopening of more business and cultural sectors in Quebec in the coming weeks — provided Quebecers follow red-zone rules for public gatherings during March break.

After announcing that parts of the general public will begin to receive COVID-19 vaccines later this week, the premier said the government could authorize the reopening of other sectors "if things continue to go well."

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I know there are [Quebecers] who are impatient... but I want to encourage everyone.

Premier François Legault

"In the next few weeks, we will be able to open performance halls... places of worship with instructions [and] indoor sports, but we want to see what happens with spring break and the variants," he said.

The premier also explained the province's methodology in choosing to reopen certain businesses in Quebec red zones — such as movie theatres and indoor pools — over others for spring break.

"We also wanted to [do it] gradually. It's not because we chose the least risky places [to reopen]," Legault said.

"We [chose] places where we thought we would be able to [bring parts of] families together for spring break."

Legault said the coming weeks raise concerns for public health authorities who worry Quebecers will organize private gatherings during March break — similar to the winter break when the province saw a surge in COVID-19 cases due to Christmas gatherings.

"It's a big test next week. You have to respect your family bubble," he said.

If the downward trend in COVID-19 hospitalizations and new daily cases continues, Legault said other reopenings will be announced after March 8.

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