One Of Hallmark's Latest Christmas Movies Was Shot In Montreal (VIDEO)

We know Montreal does Christmas properly. Now the world does, too!
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One Of Hallmark's Latest Christmas Movies Was Shot In Montreal (VIDEO)

2020 has been one of the most shocking and surprising years in a while. So if you're looking for a little stability and predictability, look no further than Hallmark's latest flick, Swept Up By Christmas, a classic cheesy, predictable, you-know-they'll-end-up-together holiday film.

Not only is it pretty easy to guess what's going to happen, but according to IMDb, the film was shot right here in Montreal, so it's sure to give you that extra comfort of home.

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According to IMDb, the premise reads, "An antique seller and a cleaner clash over how to downsize a magnificent estate right before Christmas. As the two uncover the house's treasures, they find a way to reconnect the reclusive owner with his own Christmases past."

How romantic!

The film stars Lindy Booth, who you may recognize from Grey's Anatomy and NCIS, and Justin Bruening, who you may recognize from Lucifer and Hawaii Five-0.

It was officially released on December 19.

According to 19 reviews, the film holds a 6.5 rating out of 10, which isn't bad for a cheesy movie.

Check out your local cable provider to find out where and when you can watch it.

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