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Quebecers Who Live Alone Will Be Able To Visit One Other Household During March Break

So long as they're able to form a single bubble.
People Who Live Alone In Quebec Will Be Able To Visit Another Household

According to information obtained by Narcity, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) plans to allow people who live alone in Quebec to join one other stable household bubble for March break.

Those people will be able to bring their children if necessary.

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A single person, with their children if necessary [...] will be able to join another address and form a stable group.

Ministry of Health and Social Services

The ministry plans to make this adjustment in order "to reduce isolation [and] mental health problems, and facilitate childcare for single-parent families," according to the statement shared with Narcity Québec.

An MSSS spokesperson told MTL Blog that this measure will take effect on February 26.

Under current health rules, people who live alone are allowed to receive a single visitor.

The announcement of the change comes after the MSSS published the recommendations it has received from public health authorities regarding COVID-19 measures in the province.

Allowing people who live alone to join another household group was among the recommendations in the latest document from public health, from February 16.

The same document also suggested officials are eyeing a possible relaxing of measures, stating that more regions might be able to enter the orange zone in March — so long as "the trend holds." 

It also made clear, however, that such a move would have to be reevaluated at a later date.

On February 26, movie theatres, indoor pools, and arenas will be open for business across the province. 

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