Quebecers Were The 'Least Likely' To Agree 'Canada Is A Racist Country' In A Recent Poll

Residents of Saskatchewan "were the most likely to agree" with this statement.
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Racism In Canada Was Studied In A Recent Poll

A new study by the Angus Reid Institute has revealed divided opinions about racism in Canada, with only 24% of Quebec respondents agreeing that "Canada is a racist country" — the least of any province. That's compared to 44% of Saskatchewan respondents.

The study categorized respondents into four camps, "detractors, guarded, accepting, and advocates," in order to determine where Canadians stand on perceptions of race relations and racism.

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The study also gauged Canadians' attitudes towards some racial minorities, pointing to widespread bias and racist sentiment. 

The study found that "one-quarter of Canadians feel 'cold' toward Muslims."

Quebecers were "among" the most likely to report such a feeling, with 37% of respondents admitting to them, Angus Reid said.

Some divisions seemed to split along political lines, as "half of past CPC voters (48%)" and "39 percent of past Bloc Quebecois voters" fell under the "detractor" category. 

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