Quebec Café-Bakery Paillard Is Bringing Its Chic Vibe & Croissants To Montreal's South Shore

Bread-y or not, here they come. 🥐🥖☕

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​Someone sips a latté at Paillard in Quebec City. Right: A selection of pastries from the café-bakery.

Someone sips a latté at Paillard in Quebec City. Right: A selection of pastries from the café-bakery.

Popular Quebec City café-bakery Paillard is expanding its "dough"main and opening a new location in Montreal. Starting April 6, South Shore residents can indulge in Paillard's selection of artisanal breads, pastries, and sandwiches without leaving their neighbourhood.

Paillard's menu features an array of delicious treats, including award-winning sourdough baguettes, éclairs, soups, salads, cakes, and more.

Those in the mood for Parisian street food can grab a jambon brie sandwich with thinly sliced ham and creamy cheese on a crisp baguette made in-house. Or perhaps an oven-baked pizza topped with bacon and onions, or mushroom and sausage. All Paillard products are handmade with local ingredients and traditional baking techniques.

Since opening its first location in Old Quebec in 2006, the café-bakery has become a beloved staple in the National Capital region. Founder Christelle Philippon, a pastry chef from southern France, says she is passionate about sharing her love for the art of baking with Quebecers.

The new Montreal location is just the beginning of Paillard's expansion plans. The chain aims to add new locations across the province in the coming years, following recent openings in Neufchâtel and Cap-Rouge. Those with a "loave" for quality baked goods are sure to be thrilled with the arrival of Paillard.


When: opens April 6

Where: 8100, boulevard Cousineau, St Hubert


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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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