Quebec's VaxiCode App Is Finally On Its Way To The Google Play Store

Health Minister Christian Dubé confirmed Monday that, nearly a week after its launch, Quebec's vaccine passport app VaxiCode is finally on its way to the Google Play store.

The app, for both individuals and businesses, "will be available on Google Play in the coming hours," the minister wrote on Twitter.

The VaxiCode app was developed for people to be able to keep a digital copy of their QR code vaccination passport in one place.

You can upload your own QR code as well as any others that you might need, like your children's or spouse's. If you don't have a phone or access to the internet, you can show a paper copy of your QR code.

Businesses, meanwhile, must download a version of the app that scans their customers' QR code proofs of vaccination. Without the app, businesses won't be able to scan QR codes.

The vaccination passport will come into effect on September 1 and will be mandatory for a wide array of activities and events.