Quebec Just Dropped The Full List Of Places Where Vaccine Passports Will Be Required

Here's exactly where you'll need to bring proof of vaccination.

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Quebec Vaccine Passport: Full List Of Places Where It'll Be Required

Get ready, Quebec. The vaccine passport is officially set to come into effect on September 1, meaning you'll need proof of vaccination to access some non-essential services and spaces as well as to participate in certain activities.

Quebec's vaccination passport will apply to everyone aged 13 and up, and Apple users can download the VaxiCode app as early as Wednesday morning with Android users following soon after.

Here's a list of the places where you'll be asked to show proof of vaccination, along with your ID card. Note that vaccine passports will not be required at any private gatherings, ceremonies or celebrations.

Festivals & Events

  • outdoor events and festivals involving more than 50 people
  • sports matches or performances in outdoor stadiums (theatre, musical concerts, etc.)
  • music or comedy shows on an outdoor stage
  • association sports competitions or high-level sports competitions
  • open-air cinemas
  • agricultural fairs and craft shows
  • walks, marathons, and cycling tours
  • golf tournaments
  • immersive or walking tours
  • conferences
  • multi-purpose festivals or celebrations

Theatres, Cinemas & Venues

  • theatres
  • auditoriums
  • stadiums and arenas
  • cinemas
  • any other type of hall or venue where performing arts, sports matches or films are shown

Bars & Restaurants

  • bars and restaurants, including terrasses
  • fast food dining rooms
  • nightclubs
  • microbreweries
  • distilleries
  • shopping centre food courts

Leisure & Entertainment Activities

  • arcades
  • theme parks/amusement parks/waterparks
  • recreation centres
  • indoor skydiving in a vertical flight chamber
  • trampoline centres
  • paintball, laser tag, go-karting
  • escape rooms
  • children's amusement centres (inflatable games, ball pits, etc.)
  • historical or themed villages (e.g. Le Village du Père Noël)
  • casinos and gaming houses, including bingo
  • bowling, billiards or other similar games
  • zoos, zoological gardens, aquariums and similar sites
  • biodomes, planetariums, insectariums
  • botanical gardens
  • fairs and exhibitions
  • cruises

The official and complete list is available on the Government of Quebec website.

Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer