Legault Says There Is 'No Scenario' In Which Quebec Closes Schools

He reiterated the need to protect schools and the economy.
Legault Says There Is 'No Scenario' In Which Quebec Closes Schools

In a press conference on October 7, Premier François Legault confirmed that Quebec won't close schools — or at least there are absolutely no plans to do so anytime soon.

"We must protect our schools and our economy as much as possible," he said. "There is no scenario for closing schools."

He said the last places the government would close would be schools, and that protecting activities in schools is a top priority above non-essential businesses as well as cultural and sports sectors. 

The government recently required masks to be worn in red zone high schools in the province.

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Honestly, my objective is not to be popular. My objective is to save the health system.

Premier François Legault

Legault also warned that if the population doesn't come together to break the second wave, Quebec hospital networks are at risk of breaking down, which means not all patients would be treated "within a reasonable time frame."

Approximately 140,000 surgeries have been postponed so hospitals in Quebec can prioritize COVID-19 patients, Health Minister Christian Dubé confirmed at the same press conference.

The premier urged people to stay home and limit their contact to essential outings only. 

"My message today will be very clear: We are staying home. We go to school, we go to work, but otherwise, we stay at home."

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