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Eligible Quebecers Can Now Find & Book COVID-19 Vaccines Using Their Transit Apps

Plan your bus route and vaccine appointment at the same time.
Eligible Quebecers Can Now Find & Book COVID-19 Vaccines Using Their Transit Apps

As Quebec's COVID-19 vaccine rollout opens to all adults 18+ over the course of the next week and a half, you may be looking for the easiest way to book your vaccine appointment — and if you already use the Transit app, why not start there?

Thanks to a new integration, you can actually find vaccination centres as well as find and book vaccine appointments without leaving the Transit app. Yes, the same app that helps you plan trips on the STM and tells you when the next bus is coming. 

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When you're looking at the Transit app's map view, look for the little injection symbol to locate a vaccination site. Then you can either press "Get directions" or "Make appointment." Note that Transit only shows vaccination centres with appointments available in the next seven days. 

The "Make appointment" button takes you to, where you can pinpoint available appointments in the coming days. Vaxstat then sends you to the official Clic Santé portal, where you can confirm your eligibility and make an appointment. 

Afterwards, you can simply go back to the main screen of the Transit app to get directions. 

Transit also just launched another new tool called the Vaccélérateur, a Twitter bot that shows its followers last-minute vaccine appointments available in Quebec. 

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