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6 People Got Fined Almost $10,000 Total While Gathering Around A Campfire In Quebec

"There are no words to describe the ridiculousness we are living in right now."
Quebec's Gathering Rules Lead To Heavy Fines For 6 People

Six people got a harsh reminder about Quebec's gathering rules on Sunday after getting fined close to $10,000 total, according to a report from Narcity Québec. 

Bromont city spokesperson Catherine Page told Narcity that officers "found that there were six adults from three different addresses. All six people each received a fine of $1,000 plus costs, so $1,550 per person."

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This was not an isolated incident, according to the city.

"In the last few days, we had two infractions for non-compliance with the curfew, we also had six adults and nine children in the same chalet," Page said.

"We also had four other people who gathered on the same site."

In a Facebook post, an individual who claims to have received a fine shared their own account of the incident.

"$10,000 in fines for 3 families making a campfire on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 👍" Francis Lambert wrote.

"There are no words to describe the ridiculousness we are living in right now."

Lambert suggested the group plans to contest the fines in court.

"We are not killers we just want to live a half normal life."

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