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This Mexican Food Chain In Montreal Is Serving $1 Tacos When Team Canada Plays Soccer

A spec-taco-lar deal! 🌮⚽

​Alphonso Davies from Canada's soccer team. Right, Tacos from Quesada.

Alphonso Davies from Canada's soccer team. Right, Tacos from Quesada.

You don't have to wait until 'Taco Tuesday' to cram a delicious meat- or veggie-filled tortilla in your mouth. World Cup game days featuring Team Canada are a perfect supplement, given the latest deal from Quesada Burritos & Tacos.

The chain, now calling itself "the official Mexican restaurant of Canada Soccer" wants fans to "get a kick" out of their game day meal with $1 tacos.

The limited deal is available on the Quesada mobile app whenever the men's and women's team plays an international game in November or December.

You can place your order for pick-up or delivery and use the pre-loaded coupon in the offers section. Customers are limited to one coupon redemption per account per day.

You can build a custom taco, picking from proteins like Saucy Chipotle Tofu, spicy chicken, ground beef and Ancho Pork and top it off with sauces like chipotle, cilantro lime, vegan and paprika, or salsas like chipotle tomato, salsa verde and salsa roja.

Quesada adds an extra charge for the Beef Barbacoa and Chile Lime Fish tacos.

So can mark your calendar for the following upcoming game days to snag the deal:

  • November 11: Men’s international friendly vs Bahrain
  • November 11: Women’s international series vs Brazil
  • November 15: Women’s international series vs Brazil
  • November 17: Men’s National Team Pre-tournament vs. Japan
  • November 23: FIFA World Cup: Belgium vs. Men’s National Team
  • November 27: FIFA World Cup: Croatia vs.Men’s National Team
  • December 1: FIFA World Cup: Men’s National Team vs. Morocco
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