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Uh, Is That World-Famous Actor Simu Liu On A Current City Of Montreal Brochure?

"Please stop buying these photos."

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A city flyer featuring a stock photo of Simu Liu.

A city flyer featuring a stock photo of Simu Liu.

Canadian actor Simu Liu has been a "cover boy" for prestigious magazines, from Time to Men's Health. Now, he can add official City of Montreal brochures to his roster of top modelling media.

But the Marvel movie star didn't gain the honour of repping the 514 based on his cinematic exploits; rather, Liu's past as a stock photo model has come back to haunt him, once again.

Liu is shown beaming from the top right corner of new activity booklets detailing the cultural and sports-based offerings of downtown Montreal and Ville-Marie. The actor, who grew up in Toronto, is pictured on the brochure cover gleefully working out just a few lines up on the brochure cover from the logo of a rival city.

The snapshot of Liu is part of a series that the actor participated in nearly a decade ago.

"I did ONE stock photoshoot for 100 bucks cash in 2014… and I have ended up on HUNDREDS of ads and storefronts and pamphlets and textbook covers," he wrote in an Instagram story when the first round of memes emerged two years back.

Wholesome snaps of Liu leading business meetings and decked out like a construction worker took the Internet by storm.

It's the workout shots of the star sporting a fake smile and awkward pose that proved truly meme-worthy, however.

"That stock photo shoot always finds a way to come back and haunt me," Liu tweeted.

Since then, Liu has taken control of the narrative and started sharing the hilarious image himself. It recently showed up on one of his Instagram posts juxtaposed with a shot of the actor in his upcoming Barbie movie role.

"Moral of the story: think twice before doing a stock photo shoot because they own the photos FOREVER," he advised.

    Sofia Misenheimer
    MTL Blog, Associate Editor
    Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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