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Snow-covered Montreal street.

Snow-covered Montreal street.

Okay seriously, what's up with the Montreal weather? It seems like only yesterday we were all outside in the sun — oh wait, that was yesterday. But winter's a tough season and it doesn't let go of its grip on this city without a fight.

We always get some funky weather in April, but that didn't stop Twitter from reacting to the weather forecast. Here are a few of our favourite tweets today.

It can all change in a day

The weather really can turn on a dime these days. Annie was walking around in shorts on April 18, only to find 10 centimetres of snow on the ground today. "Wtf Montreal?" is right!

Even former captain and current Montreal-based ICAO ambassador Sully Sullenberger took to social media to complain.

View looking north toward Mount Royal showing snow-covered buildings in Montreal.View looking north toward Mount Royal showing snow-covered buildings in Montreal.@captsully | Instagram

Montreal weather being fickle

Seriously though, what is this strange weather? Jan here echoed Annie's sentiment with what seems like a bit more anger behind his words.

Daniel here helpfully reminds us that, even though we always forget, this happens basically every year. And he's not the only Twitter user wondering why everyone always makes a big deal out of it.

It's apparently not just a Montreal thing, though! According to this user, the April snow outrage is also part and parcel of life in Toronto.

We're already missing those winter tires

Those snow tires sound like a good idea right about now... too bad most people have already switched them out, huh? Old Man Winter really is coming back for another "kick at the can."

Even the plants are cold, you guys

Those trees aren't the only ones shivering! Susan wrote "My country, it is winter," in French, and yeah, that sounds about right.

Winter wants to be on top

This America's Next Top Model gif will never die, especially if we continue to have winters as consistently stubborn as this one!

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