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Montreal skyline at sunset.

Montreal skyline at sunset.

Spring has sprung! The Montreal weather forecast is predicting the most typical springlike week we've seen in 2022 so far with warmer days making their way to our city this week.

The Weather Network predicts the week will start off with a solid 10-degree day on Monday, plus nine hours of sun. So even if it's not that hot, at least we know we've got a bright day to start our week off.

Then, the best day of the week temperature-wise is set to be Tuesday, when Montrealers will get to enjoy 17-degree temperatures.

The next three days will float between 14 and 15 degrees, and then it'll get a little colder by the weekend, with Saturday expected to be 12 degrees and Sunday dropping to the lowest temperature of the week at 9 degrees.

But, as we all know, April in Montreal is known for being full of rain, and this week will be no exception, with a chance of rain every day from April 11 to 17 except for Friday, when it's supposed to be 14 degrees with nine whole hours of sun to make the most of.

Basically, we can anticipate a week of puddles and umbrellas, but at least it won't be that cold.

The following week will have colder temperatures, ranging from 8 to 11 degrees, but a lot less rain, according to TWN.

The beginning of May is definitely something to look forward to, with the Farmer's Almanac predicting the first 10 days of the month to be nice and sunny with a few showers expected.

Things are slowly looking up!

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