Toronto's CN Tower Lit Up To Celebrate The Habs & Leafs Fans Are Pissed

The Habs' North Division victory has led to tension with fans of Montreal's rival team: the Toronto Maple Leafs, and you could say the CN Tower is to blame.

To celebrate the Canadiens becoming "Kings of the North," as they go on to represent Canada in the Stanley Cup semifinals, Toronto's CN Tower lit up in red, blue, and white on June 8 — and Leafs fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

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"As an honest Leafs fan, I'm vomiting watching this. My life is literally ruined and makes no sense anymore after you've done this," reads a tweet by @AbsCoverage. It had racked up 533 "likes" at the time this article was published.

"Seriously someone should get fired for even thinking this up let alone ACTUALLY DOING IT," tweeted @SerioCM.

"Did you lose a bet CN Tower? There's no such thing as Canada's team. I wouldn't expect Montreal to light up Notre Dame in blue and white," tweeted @DylanHoulihan4.

Some Twitter users came to the CN Tower's — and the Habs' — defense, like @Leenerrr who wrote, "I’m happy someone is still in!! [...] Grow up already. It’s called the Canadian National Tower, not the Toronto City Tower."

Clearly unbothered by the haters, the official Canadiens Montréal Twitter account had a perfectly nonchalant response, simply writing, "Merci!" followed by three circles in blue, white and red. 

Guess there's no time for drama when you're too busy winning.