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The Montreal SPCA Is Looking For A Forever Family For A Blind Pony

Meet Pickle. 🐴

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
SPCA Montreal pony Pickle.

SPCA Montreal pony Pickle.

The Montreal SPCA is on the lookout for a forever family for a beautiful pony named, wait for it…Pickle! The animal welfare organization held a free adoption day earlier this month during which over 100 animals including dogs, cats, bunnies and even ferrets were re-homed — and now it’s Pickle’s turn.

The SPCA shared a few pics of the dashing 16-year-old pony and there's no denying that Pickle was serving nothing but lewks with his neat mane and stunning brown coat.

"Pickle is currently staying with a foster family in the country," the Montreal SPCA said — where he's awaiting to be placed in a "permanent home where he can continue to thrive."

The Montreal SPCA described Pickle as very sweet, docile, friendly and calm. The pony, who is almost completely blind, also suffers from asthma and a neurological condition that has, unfortunately, caused Pickle's head to tilt slightly to the side.

Despite Pickle's ailments, he still very much enjoys a good quality of life — a life that can be shared with a hopeful forever family. Pickle is known to love his coat being brushed and has a huge adoration for humans — so much so that the Montreal SPCA said he comes to you as soon as he hears your voice. *cries*

"Pickle is a real sweetheart and he deserves your special attention." If you have the space, both in your home and heart, to adopt Pickle, the Montreal SPCA invites you to visit Pickle's adoption page on its website where you can submit an application.

    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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