The Montreal SPCA Says It Rescued Two Horses That Were Locked Indoors For Years

Charlotte and Freedom are now happily trotting! 🐴

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The Montreal SPCA Says It Rescued Two Horses That Were Locked Indoors For Years

When it comes to animal safety and well-being, the Montreal SPCA knows exactly what they're doing. The SPCA Investigations Division recently rescued two horses who were sequestered for several years in the outskirts of Montreal.

In an Instagram post shared to the SPCA page, the Investigations Division had received a recent report regarding two horses outside the Montreal region who had "been locked in their stalls for several years," the SPCA wrote.

The two horses, Charlotte, a smaller white horse, and Freedom, a large black stallion, reportedly had "no access to the outdoors," and "were deprived of exercise and social contact," the SPCA said.

In the heartbreaking video of the rescue, the animals can be seen having difficulty walking and were noticeably shaken up. Upon inspection of the horses, the SPCA stated that their hooves hadn't been trimmed and feces had accumulated beneath their feet.

According to the Montreal SPCA the animals were kept in a windowless and unkept stall illuminated by a small electric bulb. As the floor level rose over the years, Freedom was left with no choice but to always keep his head down, they shared.

The animal protection officers were able to discuss the horses' well-being with their keepers, ultimately coming to the decision that the Investigations Division would take ownership and place the animals in a foster home for rehabilitating horses, the SPCA said.

In the Instagram post, the Montreal SPCA provided an update with how Charlotte and Freedom were doing at their foster home with their new caretakers.

“Our newcomers seem to be getting stronger, as they are both showing excitement and well-being! When Charlotte was all jazzed up this morning in the barn, I decided to let her out into the corral. She was so happy! Freedom is still a little shy, but it looked like he rolled around last night, since there were some things out of place in his stall. He really loves going outside, too!”

According to the SPCA, the Investigations Division operate on the Island of Montreal, Laval and part of Montérégie, Lanaudière, the Laurentians, Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec — and encourage the public to report any abuse of animals here.

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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