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The Montreal SPCA Is Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Adorable Baby Squirrels


Baby squirrels from the Montreal SPCA.

Baby squirrels from the Montreal SPCA.

The Montreal SPCA needs your help!

The animal welfare organization recently posted on its social media that they are looking for people to help care for baby squirrels. Yes, baby squirrels. If you've ever come across a squirrel so cute throughout Montreal and wished you could just take 'em home, well you can now totally know what that's like.

"Who wants to take care of baby squirrels?" the Montreal SPCA wrote on Instagram. "This is your chance."

The SPCA receives nearly 1,000 injured and/or orphaned squirrels each year. When they arrive, they receive emergency care and are later transferred to Écureuil Land for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the organization is currently unable to take in new squirrels, which is why the Montreal SPCA is now looking for foster families to embark on this adorable adventure.

If you're able and interested, there are a few criteria needed for admission to the Écureuil Land program.

  • You must have an enclosed room where the squirrel will be isolated from other pets in the house
  • You must be able to assume the costs of equipment and food necessary for the squirrel's stay (plan on approximately $100)
  • You must live in the Greater Montreal area and its surroundings
The SPCA does not require you to own a car or have any previous experience with squirrels. However, those interested must be willing to learn and follow the procedures laid out by Écureuil Land.

The squirrels normally stay with foster families for anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on their age and health. The organization will also continue to provide advice and information as needed throughout your time caring for these precious animals.

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