The Montreal Weather Is About To Get Real Hot This Weekend With A Humidex Of 36 C

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People walking through the decorated Gay Village in Ville-Marie during the summer in Montreal, Quebec.

People walking through the decorated Gay Village in Ville-Marie during the summer in Montreal, Quebec.

The Montreal weather forecast is calling for some real hot days ahead, so get ready for yet another heatwave folks!

While May has been relatively mild, it is safe to say that the 514 is familiar with going from one extreme to another when it comes to weather.

According to The Weather Network, Montreal is set to reach a humidex as high as 36 degrees Celsius on Sunday, May 23 — but the heat will set in much sooner.

Despite cold temps taking over the last few days, things are about to get real hot, real fast.

Although Montreal had a rather cool morning today, the weather is expected to reach a high of 25 C with a "feels like" temperature of 29 degrees all accompanied by some sun. Now, that's an ideal summer day, right?

The heat and humidity will then carry well into Saturday as temperatures are expected to reach a high of 28 degrees with a humidex value of, wait for it...35 degrees Celsius. Oof!

The weather for May 21 is calling for a "risk of strong thunderstorms," The Weather Network states. While it's gonna be a hot one, it's set on being a rainy one as well! To make matters all that worse, Sunday isn't looking so clear either.

While the weather will remain extra hot with a humidex value of 36 degrees Celsius, The Weather Network is calling for "strong thunderstorms," this Sunday.

If there's one combination that puts a damper on anyone's day is humidity and rain — or in this case, thunderstorms. Montrealers definitely know that sticky humid weather I'm talking about.

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