These Adventure Parks Near Montreal With Ziplines & Tree Trampolines Are Now Open

There's one in Rigaud and locations all over Quebec! 🌳

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​Treetop trampoline in Mont Saint-Grégoire. Right: Someone on an Arbraska obstacle course.

Treetop trampoline in Mont Saint-Grégoire. Right: Someone on an Arbraska obstacle course.

As spring blossoms in Quebec, Montrealers eager to branch out from everyday routine can now swing into action at Arbraska adventure parks.

All five locations across the province have reopened for the season, inviting thrill-seekers to explore nature in a whole new way – from ziplining through leafy canopies to navigating treetop obstacle courses.

Rawdon's Arbraska, less than an hour from Montreal, is a thrill-seeker's paradise. Set amid the scenic vistas of Mont Pontbriand, the park boasts a dozen aerial courses, a nocturnal course and a Via Ferrata rock climbing experience.

Arbraska Mont Saint-Grégoire and Arbraska Rigaud, nestled in the heart of Montérégie, are packed with nature-centric activities. Mont Saint-Grégoire offers nine aerial courses of varying difficulty, a nocturnal course, an on-site farm, and a delightful apple orchard. Rigaud, the largest and most daring park, includes an aerial course, a Mega Ziptour, and an extreme aerial course.

Arbraska Chauveau, just a stone's throw from Quebec City, invites visitors to conquer the hardwood forest, zip line over the Saint-Charles River, or take on a night aerial course and a zip tour.

Arbraska Laflèche in Gatineau offers a unique, magical experience. Here, adventurers can zip line through the trees, explore a bat-inhabited cave, and tour a stunning turquoise lake.

So, if you're itching for an outdoor adventure, Arbraska's adventure parks offer the perfect escape into Quebec's awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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