This $10 Million Dollar Montreal Mansion Has Stunning Forest Views & An Indoor Pool (PHOTOS)

It looks fit for the Cullen family!

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The exterior of the mansion. Right: The dining and living areas.

The exterior of the mansion. Right: The dining and living areas.

Although Twilight's Cullens may have fictionally lived in the United States, it's impossible to imagine any other family living in this massive woodland mansion in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, an off-island suburb of Montreal. And few families can swing the startling price tag: $10,995,000 for all 26 rooms.

That's just shy of $11 million, for those of us who can't read numbers. No judgement.

The 2011 construction home is as modern as it is imposing, with massive walls of windows letting green-tinged forest sunlight play over the leather couches. As you stroll across the heated floors toward the home's massive indoor pool, you can contemplate the vast riches that bought you here. I mean, brought you here.

The interior living and dining space is a massive, echoing cavern with a floating staircase, leather upholstery and sweeping hardwood floors. With open views up to the next floor and below to the pool, you can snoop on any of your many siblings' rich-people gossip with ease.

The living and dining area of the home.The living and dining area of the home.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

There's a gas fireplace and ornamental steel decorating this towering living room, which has 25-foot ceilings and full-height windows that allow a nearly unbroken view of the surrounding lush forest.

This floor also contains two bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as a freakishly loaded exercise room with dozens of machines and a wine cellar capable of storing over 700 bottles without breaking a sweat.

The living area, as seen from above.The living area, as seen from above.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

The bedrooms are astounding, taking after a hotel-boutique style, but the primary suite is especially gorgeous with its treetop views and built-in TV over an austere modernist fireplace. The suite also includes a private balcony with a spa and a large walk-in closet for all of your millions of clothes.

The primary bedroom suite.The primary bedroom suite.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

The primary suite's bathroom features a glass shower and a freestanding egg-shaped bathtub, across from which are glass doors opening onto the balcony with a state-of-the-art jacuzzi for lounging and tossing dollar bills into the treetops.

The primary suite's bathroom and jacuzzi.The primary suite's bathroom and jacuzzi.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

If we walk back out to the massive living space and take the floating stairs — or the elevator — down, we reach the F-shaped indoor pool, which also benefits from treescapes and greenery as well as a super-high ceiling that likely reflects some of the pool noise (and chlorine smell?) back into other wings of the home. Nice.

The indoor pool.The indoor pool.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

Around the back of the home is a sculpted garden, with an outdoor pond and wraparound porch for lounging and scheming in the dead of night.

The backyard.The backyard.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

Seen from above and behind, the home's splendour and sheer scale are much easier to visualize. Note the view of the jacuzzi (not quite as private as one might hope) and the view of the pool from the outside.

A view of all three stories, as seen from above.A view of all three stories, as seen from above.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

The backyard also had a summer kitchen for cooking summerly foods (don't worry, we know someone else will be doing the cooking) as well as multiple balconies. Finally, but not unimpressively, there's a six-car garage complete with a mudroom.

And when you really zoom out, above and in front of the home's blocky facade, you can see into the neighbourhoods on the other side of that lush forest. All those poorer people, living in their sad little houses without a jacuzzi or an indoor pool. If only they could someday experience the way the other side lives.

Or maybe I'm just projecting.

A view of the home with surrounding neighbourhoods visible.A view of the home with surrounding neighbourhoods visible.Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre | RE/MAX

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