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This Is Your Last Chance To Stuff Yourself At The Huge Poutine Fest In Montreal This Year

Try the gourmet poutines while you still can!

Pointes from Le Grand PoutineFest.

Pointes from Le Grand PoutineFest.

After feeding Quebecers and tourists all summer long in sixteen different locations across our beautiful province, the Grand PoutineFest will end its 2022 tour with a last edition in Lasalle from September 9 to 11.

If you missed out on the iconic food festival taking over the Old Port back in July, here's your last chance to try out some of their delicious cheesy creations in Montreal this year.

Patatas bravas, vegan, keto, Piri Piri chicken, or even lobster poutines... festival-goers can be sure to find the creation that will fulfill their cravings. You'll be able to pair your meal with some beer from Archibald Microbrasserie, wine or lemonade, as well as sweet bites by Mademoiselle Croquignoles.

In 2022, the event chose an eco-friendly path by introducing "reusable and resistant dishes that are dishwasher safe."

"It will be mandatory to buy the reusable dish with each purchase of poutine at a cost of only $2 ... We are proud to deploy these actions that bring us closer to our goal of becoming a 100% waste-free event," Le Grand PoutineFest said.

You can bring it home with you as a souvenir of the biggest poutine feast of the year — Bon appétit!

Le Grand PoutineFest LaSalle

Cost: Free admission (poutines range from $11.09 to $23.35 + $2 fee for reusable dish)

When: September 9 to 11, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: 7077, boulevard Newman


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