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le grand poutinefest

The Montreal Old Port has released its summer 2023 program, a long list of activities, spectacles and events to draw visitors to the sprawling waterside attraction. Among them, and starting this Wednesday, July 19, is the return of the Grand PoutineFest, a roving troop of food trucks offering unique takes on the beloved Quebec folk dish.

New this year is a beer zone, so attendees can wash down their mountains of fries, cheese, gravy and sure-to-be-wild toppings with local brews.

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After feeding Quebecers and tourists all summer long in sixteen different locations across our beautiful province, the Grand PoutineFest will end its 2022 tour with a last edition in Lasalle from September 9 to 11.

If you missed out on the iconic food festival taking over the Old Port back in July, here's your last chance to try out some of their delicious cheesy creations in Montreal this year.

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Le Grand Poutinefest, an annual celebration of the staple québécois dish, is launching its 2022 edition with a first stop in Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough starting April 28. The festival will feature 17 takes on the traditional pile of fries, gravy and cheese curds — many of them a bit eccentric.

They include a pulled pork poutine, a piri-piri chicken poutine, a double bacon cheeseburger poutine, a General Tao chicken poutine, and a fried dumpling poutine — as well as a classic poutine for the poutine purists.

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