This Montreal Kid Hilariously Lays Out The Rules For Visting An Italian Café (VIDEO)

Thomas from Café Buongiorno has us all cracking up.

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Cafe Buongiorno in Montreal, Quebec.

Cafe Buongiorno in Montreal, Quebec.

Café Buongiorno is serving up some of their delicious coffee and pastries with a side of some good laughs. The café has been a staple spot in Montreal's Dorchester Square since 1998 and you can now say "Buongiorno" to their newest location in Saint-Léonard.

While the menu is certainly worth noting, it seems as if the café's hottest commodity is none other than Buongiorno's very own, Thomas. The owner's son has been featured in a handful of videos highlighting some of the café's must-try items including their mouth-watering porchetta but Thomas' most recent appearance has us all cracking up.

The 8-year-old hilariously laid out some not-so-real rules for when you visit an Italian café on TikTok and they've got us all laughing.

Thomas made it clear that when it comes to an authentic Italian café experience, filtered and flavoured coffees are big no-no's while tipping your barista is a big yes-yes.

Rule number four is really what had us tearing up. Dirty napkins in a cup? No more.

While Thomas' hilarious cameo hit some important points, they're purely for laughs. "I started making videos with Thomas from a young age for fun and just because he enjoyed it so much! The people's reaction was always positive and they wanted more," Robert Spiridigliozzi, owner of Café Buongiorno told MTL Blog.

Café Buongiorno invites anyone and everyone in for a taste of their tasty coffee — even filtered or flavoured. If you're looking for a quick bite, the café's Italian panini are definitely a must-try, with their Porchetta Romana being the most popular. The café's old-school espresso, cappuccinos and lattes are also fan favourites.

For a little something sweet, you can try out their Italian important croissants and chocolate cornetti. Café Buongiorno also offers catering services, where Robert is able to truly bring out his passion for home-style Italian cooking.

If you're looking for a taste of Italy and a good laugh, Café Buongiorno and Thomas have both got you covered.

Café Buongiorno

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  • 5833, rue Jean-Talon E., Montreal, QC (Saint-Léonard)
  • 1192, rue Metcalfe, Montreal, QC (Dorchester Square)


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