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This Montreal Café Makes The Best Fudging Brownies I’ve Ever Had

Just to be clear they aren't THOSE types of brownies...

Brownies from Caffé Grazie Mille in Montreal, Right: Person eating brownie from Caffe Grazie Mille.

Brownies from Caffé Grazie Mille in Montreal, Right: Person eating brownie from Caffe Grazie Mille.

@caffegraziemille | Instagram, Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

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It's not too often that a Montreal café changes your life. Actually, that hardly ever happens; but my rendez-vous with the triple chocolate brownies from Caffé Grazie Mille, in Montreal's Mile-End, was nothing short of life-changing.

Let me make this clear at the outset: these 'life-changing' brownies haven't magically paid my bills or cured me of my ailments (yet). But what they've certainly done is bring about a shining, dopamine-filled light in the vastitude of my days.


Caffé Grazie Mille📍 The brownies, cannolis and coffee are just *chefs kiss* #montrealcafe #cafe #montreal #mtl #italiancafe #caffe #brownies #cannolis #fyp

I stumbled upon Caffé Grazie Mille a little over a month back. I was looking for a bottle of water for my mom to wash down some $5 gnocchi, from the eatery next door.

But fate had other ideas.

A tower of brownies, accompanied by a case full of cannoli shells, instantly mesmerized both of us. The water bottle we came after was quickly replaced by a cannoli for my mom and a brownie for myself. Oops!

If the weight of the bag was anything to go by, what glittered was indeed powdered sugar! Alas, as the first bite interacted with my taste buds, my sixth sense was proven right.

The brownies were dense, fudgy and moist, for starters.

The chocolate hit me with a real bang the second I dug into its glossed crust before my palate was greeted by its orgasmic center that left me wanting for more — so much so that I've visited the place thrice since my first time.

Don't get me wrong: I've had great brownies at a handful of cafés across the 514, including Ô Petit Paris, Patrice Pâtissier and Caffè della Pace. But none compare to Caffé Grazie Mille's.

With a solid quarter-century worth of experience in satiating the city's sweet teeth, it's no surprise that the bakers at Caffé Grazie Mille know how to make a good dessert.

MTL Blog spoke with Amelia, who has been part of the café's team for over six years, and it turns out, it's her mother's brownie recipe that's got me so hooked.

Amelia told me that the recipe dates back to the days when high school home economics was still a thing. "The brownie recipe actually comes from my mom's Home Ec class back when she was in high school. She kept the recipe and we haven't changed it," she said.

While the preparation remains hush-hush, what we know is that the brownie's gooey, sweet, and chocolatey goodness is ready for all to taste.

They go for $5.95 for the larger size, and $2.25 for the mini-squares.

In addition to their best-selling brownie, Amelia also shared some insider information on Caffé Grazie Mille's Sicilian-style cannoli, which come in an array of flavours, including tiramisu, sweet ricotta, pistachio, all the way to limoncello and Nutella.

The cannoli, which can be enjoyed in four different sizes, cost between $3 and $5.50.

Caffé Grazie Mille also serves fresh sandwiches, pizzas and salads. You can get your hands on a filling meal, rounded off with a brownie and one of their delish coffees.

And when you do, you will truly understand why I'm raving over these "life-changing" triple chocolate brownies. You simply gotta taste it to believe it!

Buon appetito, Montreal.

Caffé Grazie Mille

Price: 💸

Address: 58, av. Fairmount O., Montreal, QC


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