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8 Cozy Montreal Cafés Where You Can Just Sip The Day Away

Did someone say coffee? ☕️
8 Cozy Montreal Cafés Where You Can Just Sip The Day Away

As much as we don't want to admit it, summer won't last forever and fall is slowly, but surely upon us. With the cooler weather in the air, it's time to whip out those comfy sweaters and head to your favourite Montreal café. Because if there are two things that Montrealers know about, it's how to stay warm when the weather takes a dip and good coffee.

One of the best parts about coffee is that it's good any time of year. Cappuccinos, ice coffees, pumpkin spice lattés, whatever you fancy, any time is coffee time.

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But you have to admit that there's something special about a nice cup of joe at an adorable café on a crisp, fall day where you can sit and stay cozy and sip the day away.

And like I said, we know coffee here in Montreal, so the options are absolutely endless — not just for types of coffee, but types of cafés.

Modern and chic, rustic and trendy, charming and historic. The cafés are as beautiful as the coffee beans, themselves.

So, where to first?

Café Aunja

Address: 1448, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

This adorable Persian-style café is tucked away on Sherbrooke in a way that's cozy and inviting. You can spend hours trying one of the amazing lattés, impressive list of teas or something off of the delicious food menu.


Cafe Bazin

Address: 380, ave. Victoria, Montreal, QC

Café Bazin is not only a beautiful café but makes some of the most beautiful desserts that you will ever see. It feels like you're spending a rainy day in Paris in a gorgeous French café— what could be better?


Le moineau masqué

Address: 912, rue Marie-Anne E., Montreal, QC

This amazing spot is found in the Plateau, which is arguably one of the coziest areas of the city. The perfect place to bundle up with a coffee and a sweet treat — The ultimate cozy-day pair.


La Finca 

Address: 1067, rue de Bleury, Montreal, QC

This gorgeous spot downtown is the perfect place to lose all track of time and get lost in a good cup of coffee. Plus, there's a local market for you to peruse.


Crew Collective 

Address: 360, rue St-Jacques, Montreal, QC

Definitely one of the most well-known cafés in the whole city, Crew Collective is grand and extravagant, yet cozy and warm. Come for the incredible cathedral-style vibe and stay for the delicious coffee.


Cafe Pista

Address: See website for multiple locations

Café Pista, itself, is as bold as the coffee and is a definite go-to for all of the coffee-lovers out there. You can spend hours sipping away or simply gazing at the stunning spot that the Pista team has created.



Address: 200, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

This adorable café is located in Old Montreal and has all of the charm and stunning architecture that you'd expect from the city's most historic area. And it helps that the coffee is amazing.


Cafe Origine

Address: 8, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

This gorgeous spot is found in Quartier des Spectacles and is the perfect blend of modern, trendy and homey. Speaking of perfect blends, they serve some pretty amazing coffee, too.


Stay cozy, friends!

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