This $7.5M Montreal Mansion For Sale Hides An Interior Fit For Emily Gilmore Behind A Wall Of Ivy

Could this be your new home?

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The front of the mansion, covered in ivy. Right: A living area in the home with a fireplace.

The front of the mansion, covered in ivy. Right: A living area in the home with a fireplace.

If you've been looking for an elegant and expansive home right near the new T&T grocery store, this $7.5 million mansion could be your next home, sweet home. With six bedrooms and 7,500 square feet of living space, this opulent home is decorated to the tastes of a generation before minimalism claimed the aesthetics of the upper class.

It's a soup of brasses, creams and dark woods dripping in frills and flamboyant carpentry — a home fit for the anti-heroic machinations of Emily Gilmore, herself.

The home, located on chemin Strathcona, features a delicately manicured grass lawn and floor-to-ceiling windows in multiple fancy rooms.

The home's backyard.The home's backyard.Joseph Montanaro

The outside is as brown and regal as the inside, so let's take a peek.

Two connected living spaces in the home.Two connected living spaces in the home.Joseph Montanaro

This living area features complex hardwood floors and quite a variety of off-white furnishings, with multiple areas for groups of aristocrats to chat about their extensive wine cellars and plans to buy more million-dollar properties.

The mansion's kitchen and dining area.The mansion's kitchen and dining area.Joseph Montanaro

The kitchen is just as big, beautiful and BROWN as the rest of the home, with a gazillion recessed lights supporting the more tasteful hanging light fixtures. If you like wood, this house is perfect for you and your money.

Another comfortable-looking living space in the home.Another comfortable-looking living space in the home.Joseph Montanaro

Another living and chatting space features yet more beige-and-brown colour combos, with some wrought iron and stonework in the mix to shake things up a little.

Of the home's six bedrooms, the primary suite features the most interesting chair setup.

The home's primary suite bedroom.The home's primary suite bedroom.Joseph Montanaro

How is this supposed to be used? It seems like the room of an ailing monarch, whose advisors can come confer on the (beige) couches while the reclining queen offers wisdom from the stately (beige) bed.

One of the house's six bathrooms.One of the house's six bathrooms.Joseph Montanaro

The home's bathrooms are equally off-white and woody, with weighty curtains and a massive floor plan considering the type of activities that are meant to take place here. It makes for the fanciest bath of your life.

A view from the home's second story, with a chandelier.A view from the home's second story, with a chandelier.Joseph Montanaro

To top everything off (literally), there is a massive and stately chandelier hanging from the open second floor, where many sounds can travel downstairs to the kitchen without much interference. Great for eavesdropping on your guests' gossip, or for the guests to listen in on YOUR gossip.

To make this house your home, contact Joseph Montanaro.

300 Chem. Strathcona

The front of the home covered in ivy during the summer months.

The front of the home covered in ivy during the summer months.

Joseph Montanaro

Address: 300, chemin Strathcona, Mont-Royal, QC

Price: $7,500,000


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