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5 Montreal Restaurants That Do $1 Or $2 Oysters

A buck (or two) a shuck.

Where To Get Oysters In Montreal? 5 Restos That Sell Them for $1 Or $2/Each

Once you realize how much you love oysters, you suddenly want them every day of your life. That's why we set out to find where to get oysters in Montreal for $1 or $2 each, so you can get the best deal possible on these slurpy sea treats.

Next time the craving hits, you'll know exactly where to go for a buck (or two) a shuck.


Address: 5669, ave. Monkland, Montreal, QC

Oysters: $1/each

Why You Need To Go: Lucille's is hands down one of the best seafood joints in the city and the $1 oysters make it a great go-to spot whenever your shuck craving kicks in.


Stella Pizzeria

Address: 1327, rue Laurier E, Montreal, QC &1100, rue Bélanger, Montreal, QC

Oysters: $1/each

Why You Need To Go: Oysters as an appetizer before a pizza that tastes straight from Italy? A dream come true.


La Boite Aux Huîtres

Address: 7070, ave. Henri Julien, Montreal, QC

Oysters: $2/each for certain oysters when you buy by the dozen

Why You Need To Go: This stall at the Jean-Talon Market brings the ocean right to you. There are all kinds of different oysters to try here and many are $22 for a dozen, making them $2/each.


Bar Palco

Address: 4019, rue Wellington, Verdun, Quebec

Oysters: $2/each usually and $1/each on Wednesday after 5 p.m.

Why You Need To Go: Good food, good wine, good vibes — hard to say no to.


La Belle Et La Barbe

Address: 5961, boul. Cousineau, Saint-Hubert, QC

Oysters: $1/each from Sunday-Thursday starting at 5 p.m.

Why You Need To Go: This spot may be a little out of the city, but the tasty $1 oysters waiting for you there from Sunday to Thursday starting at 5 p.m. are completely worth the commute.


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