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You Can Rent A Paddleboard In Montreal For $40/Day And Take It Wherever You Want

Thanks to the new company Aqua Montreal!

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Paddleboards on water in Montreal.

Paddleboards on water in Montreal.

Summer weather is on its way to Montreal and that means many of us are preparing to spend our days outside, surrounded by water. And what better way to explore the city than on a paddleboard?

Aqua Montreal is an all-new paddleboard rental company that lets you rent a board for an entire day for only $40. And if you and your friends get together to rent them, the prices get even cheaper. The cost goes down for every extra board you rent, so you can rent two for $70 and so on.

When you rent one of Aqua's inflatable paddleboards in Montreal, you get everything you need included, such as a life jacket, manual pump, transportation bag, safety leash, and even a water proof phone case.

The best part? You can go wherever you want with the paddleboard, as long as you choose a spot where paddleboarding is permitted, of course.

Starting May 10, the company will have two locations for you to go get the boards. One is at a house, which can be found at 324, rue Laurin in Pierrefonds and the other is at Café Nocturne, located in the Plateau at 19, rue Prince Arthur Ouest. You can either pick up and drop off the paddleboards at either of these locations or have them delivered right to your place.

In order to have them delivered, you must be in the Greater Montreal region. Delivery costs $12 to $20, but if your rental is over $250, it's totally free.

There's also a security deposit of $20 per paddleboard and you'll have to sign a waver. All you've got to do is return the board to get your $20 back though! Pick up is also possible.

They're easy to transport, as they're given to you in the bags you see below.

Courtesy of @aquamtl | Instagram

Aqua Montreal told MTL Blog that the company "wants to offer people an affordable way to just disconnect from their everyday obligations." So you can go out and enjoy a new experience for a cheap price! Win-win.

Aqua Montreal Paddleboard Rental

Price: $40 for one paddleboard or $70 for two per day

Where: 19, rue Prince Arthur O., Montreal, QC and 324, rue Laurin in Pierrefonds, QC

When: As of May 10, 2022


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