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Most Canadians Want To Dump The Monarchy & Quebec Wants The Break-Up Most (Surprise!)

We'd just prefer our own company right now, according to a survey.

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Most Canadians Want To Dump The Monarchy & Quebec Wants The Break-Up Most (Surprise!)

Most Canadians like their queen, but not her spawn. That's according to a recent survey from the Angus Reid Institute in which a majority of respondents (55%) said they either strongly or moderately support keeping Elizabeth II as queen of Canada for so long as she reigns.

Sixty-six percent of respondents, however, said they either strongly or moderately oppose recognizing Elizabeth's son, Prince Charles, as king.

Indeed, Canadians don't seem too optimistic about the future of the monarchy.

While most seem somewhat attached to Elizabeth, overall, survey respondents were in favour of phasing out the monarchy at some point.

Seventy-two percent of respondents said the monarchy was not relevant or becoming less relevant to them, personally. The Angus Reid Institue says a majority of Canadians, 52%, said they don't want Canada to be a constitutional monarchy "for generations to come."

That's compared to just 25% of people who responded positively to the idea of a long-lasting monarchy. An almost equal number of people, 23%, were "not sure."

The survey, which reached 1,898 Canadians between November 26 and 29, showed differing attitudes toward the monarchy across the country, however.

Unsurprisingly, Quebec expressed what the Angus Reid Institute calls the "highest level of opposition" to continued monarchy: 72%.

Manitobans were more favourable, with 38% saying they wanted future generations to live under a king or queen. But that's equal to the number of people in the province who said they wanted to ditch the institution.

"These data reflect a significant decline in support for the system as Canadians grow increasingly weary of their relationship with the crown," the institute wrote on its website.

"Indeed, a little over five years ago, the number saying the country should remain a constitutional monarchy for generations to come stood at over 40 percent."

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