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Quebec Restaurants & Bars Are Officially Going Back To Max Capacity

Plus, new rules for table distancing and opening hours. 🥂

Quebec Restaurants & Bars Are Officially Going Back To Max Capacity

It's official! Quebec restaurants and bars can return to full capacity as of November 1 — and they can go back to their regular operating hours.

Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé made the announcement in a press release Thursday evening, two weeks after he announced that all halls with assigned seating — including the Bell Centre — could fill their stands.

The province is also reducing the required distance between bar and restaurant tables from 2 metres apart to 1 metre apart on November 1.

The maximum number of people allowed at each table will not change. As a reminder, that's 10 people per table or the occupants of three private residences.

You can make reservations for more than 10 people, but the release says you'll have to respect the rules by sitting at multiple tables if necessary.

"In the continuity of the relief announced two weeks ago, these measures come to bring some fresh air to Quebecers. The vaccine passport allows for such flexibility in cases where the risk of transmission is higher," said Dubé in a statement.

"In other cases, minimal distancing and basic prevention measures remain essential. We are moving cautiously toward a return to normalcy, but caution is warranted."

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