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Quebec Set To Be Hit With 50 cm Of Snow This Weekend — Here's What To Expect

Montreal will likely see its first snowfall come this week!

Snow storm affecting the streets of Quebec City, Quebec.

Snow storm affecting the streets of Quebec City, Quebec.

Winter is returning full throttle this weekend as the province of Quebec is expected to be hit with up to 50 centimetres of snow by Monday, November 14. Southern Quebec has been feeling the wrath of a strong low-pressure system that has brought in generous amounts of precipitation and Eastern Quebec is next up.

According to MétéoMédia, the Quebec region is set to be hit by not one, not two, but three weather systems between now and Monday morning.

The St. Lawrence Valley will see the first of the snow-filled conditions originating in Colorado. "The bad weather is the result of a merger with the remnants of Hurricane Nicole, which wreaked havoc in the south of the United States earlier this week," MétéoMédia said.

Both heavy and freezing rain are being anticipated in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie areas. A few more centimetres of snow will also accumulate in the north shore and mountains of the Gaspésie National Park starting Saturday night and early Sunday morning due to yet another low-pressure system.

As for other areas across Quebec, a good amount of snow is also expected. In Rimouski, a total of 25 centimetres is anticipated, 15 centimetres in Saguenay, and between three to four centimetres in Quebec City, MétéoMédia reported.

Although winter only officially begins on December 21, 2022 — it's clear that Mother Nature is giving us all a quick preview of December weather conditions to come in Quebec.

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