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Quebec Has Unveiled The Vaccine Lottery Round 1 Winners

A Montrealer won a $10,000 scholarship.

Quebec Vaccine Lottery Round 1 Winner Announced

Everything You Need To Know About Quebec's Vaccine Lottery & The Prizes ...

The Ministry of Health has announced the winners of the first round of Quebec's vaccine lottery.

The August 6 draw awarded Jean-Gabriel Mercier-Rancourt of Montérégie the $150,000 prize in the 18+ lot. Anaïs S. Mc Murray of Montreal and Thomas Langlais of Montérégie each won $10,000 in scholarship money in the lot for students aged 12 to 17.

Identical prizes are up for grabs in draws for Quebecers with a single vaccine dose that will take place every Friday in August.

The vaccine lottery will culminate in a September 3 draw for fully vaccinated people with a million-dollar grand prize for adult participants and 16 $20,000 scholarships for students. Lottery players could also win free flights or packages from Bombardier and Air Canada.

Players with at least one dose have to register online by 11:59 p.m. the day before each of the weekly August draws.

To participate in the September 3 draw, Quebecers with two vaccine doses need to register by 11:59 p.m. on August 31.

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