Quebec Wants Stricter Federal Gun Laws More Than Any Other Province, A Survey Says

And most Canadians think existing laws aren't strict enough!

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People at a rally to end gun violence.

People at a rally to end gun violence.

Gun violence has been on the rise throughout many Canadian cities, Montreal being no exception. So much so, that Mayor Valérie Plante has warned about Montreal turning into an "American-style society," when it comes to gun violence.

The SPVM and Quebec police have announced various initiatives in recent months and say they are making strides to combat gun violence and trafficking in Montreal. However, for some people, there are concerns about the laws surrounding handgun ownership and whether or not the federal policies currently in place are strict enough.

In a recent Angus Reid Institute study, which polled 5,000 Canadians from urban centres regarding handgun laws, it was determined that three in five Canadians say that gun violence is on the rise in their province, with Quebec perceiving this to be the case the most.

When asked, "based on whatever you know and on your own impressions, would you say, the current gun laws in Canada are too strict, not strict enough, or about right?" Quebec took the lead of all Canadian provinces with 61% saying that the current gun laws in Canada are "not strict enough."

As for Montrealers' take on the hot topic, 65% believe the current laws in place regarding handguns in Canada are "not strict enough," either.

Ontario voiced similar sentiments with 45% of respondents stating that the laws could be stricter nationwide.

The study also asked Canadian respondents whether "gun violence has been increasing, decreasing, or staying the same in your community?" A vast majority of cities across Canada agreed gun violence is on the rise, especially in Montreal.

65% of Montrealers stated that gun violence is "increasing," within the community — pointing to an issue that is certainly weighing heavy on residents of the 514.

Mayor Plante has been quite vocal regarding the matter, demanding a ban on handguns and stricter border control, including in a tweet released on March 31, 2022.

"In a working meeting with the Canadian Minister of Public Safety, I called for a ban on handguns and better border control. Let's unite to fight against the proliferation of weapons," Plante wrote.

While assault rifles have been banned across the country, a desire for stricter laws on handguns remains a controversial affair. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised that change is on the way.

"Gun violence has had devastating effects on communities - that’s why we took action to get military-style assault rifles off our streets. Now, we’re moving forward to further strengthen our gun laws to keep you and your family safe," Trudeau tweeted out on September 5, 2021.

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