Quebec Winter Ain't Over Yet — Weather During The Next Few Weeks Is Supposed To Be 'Epic'

Don't put away your snow pants just yet...

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Quebec Winter Ain't Over Yet — Weather During The Next Few Weeks Is Supposed To Be 'Epic'

While the majority of us are probably dreaming of the end of Quebec winter right about now, we may want to pump the brakes on those dreams.

Because if MétéoMedia is right, the province hasn't reached the finish line of the cold season just yet. The weather outlet is warning Quebecers to prepare for an "epic sequence" of weather events to end the season.

So folks, don't go packing your snow pants away just yet.

Over the next few weeks, Quebec is going to be at the middle of an air mass struggle, as "the polar vortex clings to the north of Quebec and fights against the mildness coming up from the south in the U.S.," which leaves our province "at the intersection of these two air masses." This major low-pressure system is set to cause precipitation.

And that's not all. According to MétéoMédia, an average of 40 to 70 cm of total snow, depending on the region, is expected to fall on Quebec by the middle of March. So, unfortunately, it doesn't look like the snowstorm we just faced in mid-February is going to be the last of its kind.

Finally, we're told that two intense periods are coming our way to end the winter with a bang.

"Between February 21 and 27, disturbances from Colorado and other western Canadian systems will visit Quebec. Then, from March 7 to 13, areas of low pressure could develop along the east coast."

These coastal storms are set to bring a ton of moisture and "have the potential to affect the eastern part of the province."

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