This Costco Kirkland Signature Pasta Variety Was Recalled Due To Metal Pieces

Metal shards are NOT part of a balanced diet.

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The exterior of a Canadian Costco.

The exterior of a Canadian Costco.

If you're a Canadian Costco fan, it may be disappointing to learn of their latest recall, one that now affects Kirkland Signature fans across the nation: there were metal pieces found in a pasta sold by the retailer.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said as much in a release published on January 16. The affected pasta is Kirkland Signature's Four Cheese and Spinach Manicotti Marinara, which the CFIA says has been sold nationally.

This is a Class 2 recall, a designation that means "there is a moderate risk that consuming the food may lead to short-term or non-life threatening health problems," according to the CFIA.

It's also a voluntary recall, so you can technically choose to eat the metal pieces if you want. Not that we're encouraging it.

To tell whether your Kirkland Signature Four Cheese and Spinach Manicotti Marinara is affected by this recall, you'll need to check your packet's Best Before dates and Universal Product Code (or UPC), which is just the number represented by the bar code. It's a whole thing, don't worry about it.

The affected Best Before dates are all those "from 22/DE/27 up to and including 23/JA/16," per the recall instructions. The targeted UPCs are those which start with "222027."

If you find your precious dinner is contaminated with metal bits, your instructions are to avoid using, selling, serving or distributing that food. That's probably for the best, even if you were (for some reason) considering actually eating this stuff regardless of the unorthodox ingredients.

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