Tim Hortons Released 4 New Ice Cream Flavours That Sound Like Canada In A Tub

I'm just being honest.

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Four new Tim Hortons ice cream flavours. Right: A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru sign.

Four new Tim Hortons ice cream flavours. Right: A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru sign.

Thank the gods above and below, there are four new Tim Hortons ice cream products gracing the shelves of supermarkets across Canada. These new flavours join a surprisingly extensive roster of Timmies-product-themed ice creams, including both "Fruit Explosion" and apple fritter.

The first new flavour is designed after the filled Boston Cream donut. Its ice cream counterpart is custard-flavoured and swirled with chocolate fudge, as well as "bites of donut-style pieces." It's perhaps slightly concerning that these add-ins can't just be described as donut pieces, but that mystery is up to the consumer to unravel.

Next to join the Tims ice cream family is Double Double ice cream, which apparently "Canadians asked for," according to a Tim's press release. It's just a coffee flavour with some extra creamy punch, but if you specifically enjoy the taste of a Double Double over other coffee options, you may find this intriguing.

The third new flavour is Maple Crunch, which consists of maple ice cream with "maple-flavoured crunchy flakes" and a maple ripple. Flakes of what, exactly? This is unclear.

Finally, we're welcoming a flavour with extra ethical brownie points: Campfire S'mores, for which 100 per cent of net proceeds will be funnelled into Tim Hortons' Foundation Camps to "support youth from underserved communities."

In a press release, the Tim Hortons VP of Consumer Packaged Goods, Sourabh Malik, said, "I'm most looking forward to having Canadians join us in supporting Tim Hortons Foundation Camps with every purchase of Campfire S'mores Ice Cream."

At least the S'mores flavour doesn't have mysterious flakes or food-"style" pieces.

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