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Transport Canada Recalled So Many Cars — Here's How To Find Out If Yours Is One Of Them

Ford, Volkswagen, Tesla, and Lamborghini are among the affected manufacturers.

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Cars in a parking lot.

Cars in a parking lot.

Transport Canada has issued a recall on a number of vehicle manufacturers including KIA, Ford, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and many others for a handful of reasons that pose some serious safety risks.

From issues involving faulty transmission oil pumps and hydraulic control units to problems with rearview cameras and window malfunctions, the federal department is warning members of the public to verify if their cars are impacted and what steps to take next in order to repair the problem(s).

Here's a full list of all affected vehicles flagged by Transport Canada:


Recalled Vehicles:

  • Hyundai Sante Fe 2021 & 2022
  • Hyundai Veloster 2021 & 2022
  • Hyundai Konda 2021 & 2022
  • Hyundai Sonata 2021 & 2022
  • Hyundai Elantra 2022
  • Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022

Recall Reason: According to Transport Canada, the recalled cars have a faulty transmission oil pump, which can cause the vehicle to enter "fail-safe mode."

Corrective Action: "Hyundai will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your vehicle to a dealership to inspect and, if necessary, replace the transmission. The dealer will also update the transmission control unit software," Transport Canada said.

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Recalled Vehicle: Lamborghini Countach 2022

Recall Reason: The rear window panels may not be properly attached due to an assembly error on certain Lamborghini vehicles, Transport Canada said.

Corrective Action: Lamborghini will "notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your vehicle to a dealership to inspect the bonding of the rear window glass panels, and replace them if necessary."

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Jeep — Dodge

Recalled Vehicles:

  • Dodge Durango 2018 & 2019
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 & 2019

Recall Reason: The hydraulic control unit for the antilock brake system on certain vehicles may have a problem.

Corrective Action: According to Transport Canada, Jeep and Dodge owners will be notified by mail by FCA Canada.

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Audi — Volkswagen

Recalled Vehicles:

  • Audi A3 2022
  • Audi Q4 E-TRON 2022
  • Audi S3 2022
  • Volkswagen GTI 2022 & 2023
  • Volkswagen ID.4 2022
  • Volkswagen GOLF-R 2022

Recall Reason: The rear-view camera image may not display after shutting into reserve or manually activating the parking function, which is required by Canadian regulations, Transport Canada stated.

Corrective Action: "The company will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your vehicle to a dealership to replace the rearview camera."

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Recalled Vehicle: Ford Bronco 2021 & 2022

Recall Reason: "Under certain conditions when the vehicle is operated in 4WD-Low (4L) mode, the rearview camera image could reappear on the display after shifting out of reverse," Transport Canada said.

Corrective Action: Car owners will be notified by Ford by mail and send a wireless over-the-air software update to each vehicle.

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Recalled Vehicle: Tesla Model X 2022 & 2023

Recall Reason: Transport Canada said that the recalled vehicles do not meet the performance requirements of Canadian regulations for crash protection.

Corrective Action: "Tesla will notify owners by email and provide an over-the-air firmware update that changes the calibration of the restraint control module."

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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