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6 Open Government Of Canada Jobs That All Pay Over $100,000

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Government of Canada building, Right: Canadian money.

Government of Canada building, Right: Canadian money.


If you've been on the hunt for a job with the Government of Canada, then we've got you covered. There are currently six open spots for candidates in Quebec and across the country that all pay over $100,000. In fact, one position gives you the possibility to earn up to $166 per hour, which is well over $300,000 annually.

With positions available in several federal departments including Parks Canada, National Research Council, Canadian Space Agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Standards Council of Canada, to name a few, you can snag one of these six positions and score a sweet six-figure salary.

Additionally, you would also be eligible for a slew of sweet benefits. As an employee of the federal government, you would be entitled to a health care plan, dental plan, disability insurance, and vacation and leave packages.

Most roles require specific qualifications, including bilingualism, post-secondary education, and significant past experience. If you've got what the feds are looking for, then apply away.

Manager, National Historic Site

Salary: $100,531 to $114,948

Department: Parks Canada

Who Should Apply: Candidates must be able and willing to lead a team that is passionate about sharing Canada’s stories and encouraging visitors to learn more about the National Historic sites throughout Canada. Graduation with a degree from a recognized university with an acceptable specialization is necessary as is background experience.

Applicants must have recent experience working collaboratively and developing relationships with partners and Indigenous organizations. Experience providing support, briefings and expert advice to senior management is also required. You must hold a valid Class 5 driver's license and be willing to wear a Parks Canada uniform when needed. The deadline to apply for this role is October 18, 2022.

Apply here

Senior Manager, Stress Testing

​Salary: $117,034 to $146,293

Department: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Who Should Apply: Candidates will be required to lead and mentor a team of professional modellers and data scientists all while designing, implementing and managing the planning, conducting and reporting of CMHC's enterprise-wide Stress Testing activities. A university degree in business, finance, commerce, actuarial or a related program is necessary for this position.

Exception writing and verbal communications skills are a must as is a minimum of three years of experience leading a team. Knowledge of macroeconomic environments and economic capital modelling is also an asset. This posting will remain active until filled.

Apply here

Engineer, Safety and Mission Assurance

Salary: $104,135 to $121,451

Department: Canadian Space Agency

Who Should Apply: Candidates will be expected to design, manufacture and operate cutting-edge space projects in the fields of Earth observation and space exploration. Key tasks for this role include: performing technical verifications, and studying and analyzing the support of Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) relative to design, development and manufacturing.

Additionally, you must provide expertise relating to quality assurance and perform audits and assessments of contractor-furnished hardware. Graduation with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in an engineering specialty relevant to the duties of the position is required. The position also necessitates several language requirements and secret security clearance. The deadline to apply is October 26, 2022.

Apply here​

Director, Information Technology

Salary: $135,621 to $162,680

Department: National Research Council (NRC)

Who Should Apply: Candidates who are able and willing to ensure that NRC research is effectively enabled by information technology infrastructure, tools and services. You will also need to liaise with numerous external organizations and possess the ability to develop and execute digital vision and strategies.

A university degree in computer science or a related IT/IM field is required — while a master's in this field is considered an asset. Additionally, applicants must have experience providing strategic advice on issues pertaining to organization-wide information and technology (IT/IM) functions such as cyber security, enterprise architecture, client relationship management and information management. The deadline to apply for this role is October 31, 2022.

Apply here

Advisor, Strategy and Risk Management

Salary: $117,034 to $175,552

Department: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Who Should Apply: Candidates will be required to support the development of policies and processes for CMHC programs all while developing and maintaining strong relationships with industry stakeholders. Additionally, assessing and providing input related to risk appetites and evaluating exposures from new and existing programs is a must.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in a related field such as business, economics, finance and/or mathematics. A minimum of 10 years experience and CFA, actuarial and/or risk management certification is preferred. The deadline to apply is November 1, 2022.

Apply here​

Customer Service Certification Expert

Salary: $66 to $160 per hour

Department: Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

Who Should Apply: This contracted position requires candidates to assess and certify bodies all while applying extensive technical expertise to evaluate the competence of personnel and conformity of processes. Candidates will be required to work closely with SCC staff, conduct interviews, review certification records and report findings to the lead assessor.

You must have a strong grasp of the laws and regulations governing funeral service providers and have at least five years of experience in the field. The deadline to apply for this role is December 31, 2022.

Apply here

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