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Bath & Body Works Canada Finally Has An Online Store

It's FINALLY happening!

Bath & Body Works Canada's Online Store Is Officially Launching This Month

It's finally happening! Bath & Body Works Canada's online store has officially launched. The company sent an email to newsletter subscribers on Monday, September 13 inviting them to start shopping on the new website.

In July, the beloved fragrance and skincare store announced that a Canadian website was coming in fall 2021. But it would not provide MTL Blog with a specific launch date.

Then, on September 10, the company dropped an announcement on its Instagram promising an online store launch in September.

Until now, Canadians wanting to buy Bath & Body Works had to go to an actual brick-and-mortar location unless they used a hack to access the U.S. website. But, even then, prices were listed in USD so the process required a lot of currency conversion.

Now, it's finally simple to shop for your favourite candles and soaps without trekking to the Eaton Centre — just in time for pumpkin spice everything season!

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