The Montreal Weather Forecast Says Freezing Rain Could Be On The Way

Spring weather...where you at?! 🧐

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Montreal car covered in freezing rain.

Montreal car covered in freezing rain.

Well, just when you thought that the spring weather was here to stay, it seems as if the Quebec weather said "psych b*tch!" Environment and Climate Change Canada has officially issued a special weather warning for various regions across the province that could possibly receive freezing rain.

Montreal is expected to receive freezing rain starting as early as Wednesday evening.

"A weather system from Colorado will affect the province of Quebec beginning Wednesday evening. As this low-pressure system approaches, freezing rain is possible along the warm front Thursday," Environment Canada said.

With Montreal weather expected to reach a high of 13 degrees Celsius on Thursday, it's safe to say the weather will be a little all over the place.

According to Environment Canada "for most regions, precipitation should start as snow, change to freezing rain then to rain."

The weather is expected to dip below zero Wednesday evening, reaching as low as minus six degrees with freezing rain beginning Wednesday night.

Although Environment Canada is issuing a special weather statement, the levels of freezing precipitation remain uncertain at the time, and "will depend greatly on the track of the low," the ECCC stated.

With freezing rain causing hazardous outdoor conditions, it's important for Montrealers to be wary of possibly slippery surfaces including roads, streets, walkways, and parking lots as they can become quite icy, Environment Canada said.

Luckily, Montreal has some warm weather on the way. As temperatures go up, the city will experience a mild weekend with Saturday reaching seven degrees, and Sunday reaching five degrees Celsius.

Spring's warm weather can't come fast enough!

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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