Hélène Boudreau Opened Up About Her Love/Hate For Montreal & Quebec In An Instagram Q&A

"Don't get me wrong… I love Montreal."

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Hélène Boudreau in Los Angeles wearing an all-black Gucci suit, Right: Hélène Boudreau on the beach in a white bikini.

Hélène Boudreau in Los Angeles wearing an all-black Gucci suit, Right: Hélène Boudreau on the beach in a white bikini.

@iamhely | Instagram

Hélène Boudreau took to her Instagram Stories for a quick English-only Q&A on March 15, 2023, where she shared details on upcoming OnlyFans collaborations, her relationship with Jessy Jones, and her love, or lack thereof, for Quebec.

Last month, in another Instagram Q&A, Boudreau revealed that she was no longer interested in living and working in Quebec due to limited work opportunities. The XXX content creator is now interested in expanding and doing more collaborations with other creators in hot spots such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

When one of her nearly 300,000 followers asked "how do you feel about not living in Quebec anymore and what did you hate about living in Quebec/Montreal?" Boudreau answered the Q head-on.

"Don't get me wrong I live in Montreal but I will take something out of Montreal too. I am looking to rent a condo in Tulum for the 2023-24 winter. […] I love Montreal. It's a beautiful city, but it's the government, the people, the mindset and just the vibes over there," Boudreau replied. She added that she doesn't love the tax situation here either…

The OnlyFans tycoon said that she will likely move to the United States when the time is right and plans on enjoying travels in the meantime.

"I can do my work everywhere," Boudreau wrote. "I will do 180 days out of the country and I will have a residence here in Mexico for the moment. [What's] next? I will see."

Boudreau is also practicing her English. "From now I will talk only in English in my Stories, I will try really hard," she said. "I want to expand my content worldwide. So, [I am] just trying to be understood by everyone."

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